Realizing that students were struggling to understand graphs, charts, and tables in content area classes as well as on assessments, the staff at VMS has implemented weekly graphs & charts lessons during tutorial. Students have the opportunity to work with instructors and peers to fully understand how to read charts, graphs, and tables each week. Click below to access previous lessons.


US Map
Latitude and Longitude
Branches of Government
Motion & Speed
Cell Cycle
US Population Growth
Where Does Electricity Come From?
Energy Consumption US/OR
Turkey Graph
Tundra Map
Tobacco Prices
World Political Map
Literacy Rates
Roman Empire
Seat Belts
Protist Table
Pollen Graph
Electrical Generation OR
OAKS Scores
North/South Resources
Career Choices
Labor Wages
Interpreting a Map
Heart Rate Over Time
Constitution Ratification
Comparing Countries
Calories Burned
 Ag Exports