Mr. Skerjanec

Middle School Physical Education

To begin the year Physical education classes will be going to the Vale swimming pool. The students will need to bring something to swim in and a towel beginning August 23rd to class every day until we are done on September 8th. We will be at the pool everyday unless there is a thunderstorm in our area. This is part of our PE class and everyone is expected to participate. The cost for each student is $10.00 for our swimming unit. If money becomes an issue with any student, please contact me or Penny McFetridge and we will work something out. The students will receive participation points for this activity and will lose points for non-participation. The goal is for everyone to have a successful physical activity experience.

Chance Skerjanec

Physical Education Teacher

(541) 473-0241

Attached you will find a guide to assist you in better understanding your child's standards based report card. This will allow you to relate your student's level of proficiency to each numbered standard.

Standards by Design: 8th Grade for Physical Education (PDF)

All 9 Physical Education Standards will be addressed in each unit thoughout the year.

* Each week we will have two conditioning days and two activity days.


· Aug. 23rd - Sept. 8th 

Presidential Fitness Test

· Sept. 11th - 15th 


· Sept. 18th - Oct. 12th

Capture the Cone

· Oct. 16th- Nov. 2nd 

Second Pres. Fitness Test

· Nov. 6th- 16th

Pony Express (Thanksgiving Week)

· Nov. 20th and 21st

Towel Ball

· Nov. 27th- 30th 

Hoop Shoot

· Dec.. 4th-7th

Sole Survivor

· Dec. 18th - 21st (Christmas Week)


· Jan. 3rd - Feb. 8th


· Feb. 12th - Mar. 1st

Track Events

· Mar. 14th - 17th

Bocce Ball

· Mar. 28th- 30th

Presidential Fitness Test

· Apr. 3rd-6th


· Apr. 10th - 27th

Capture the Cone

· May 1st - 12th 


· May 9th - 


· May 15th - 23rd 

Clean out Lockers ( Last week of school)