Ontario Bus Pick Up Locations

Leave Vale 6:45am  
Calvary Chapel
1775 Alameda  Drive
7:01am 4:05pm
Four Rivers Charter School
2449 SW 4th Avenue
7:09am 4:10pm
Loves/Pacific Pride  Lot
1041 NW Washington Ave
7:16am 4:15pm

For more information please call our Transportation Dept. at 541.473.0209 or the Superintendent's Office at 541.473.0201. We look forward to working with you.




Cellular Phones Policy

Cellular phones can be kept on person but kept silent during school hours. Students who choose to use their phone during class, or any other time during the school hours, will have their phone confiscated for the duration of the school day. A parent will have to come to the Principals office to pick it up. Chronic abusers may be subject to more severe consequences.

Vale Middle School 7th/8th Grade Promotion Requirements

Promotion Requirement: Any student who receives an F in any course will not be considered for promotion to the next grade unless he/she meets the promotion criteria. If a student fails to meet the promotion critieria alternative education will be discussed.